Almatec® BIOCOR Series Pumps For Sterile Applications

In the world of industrial processing – specifically in the food, biotech and pharmaceutical industries – there are a number of standards and compliance requirements that have been established by different regulatory agencies around the world.

While manufacturers have a number of pump options that meet these stringent requirements, BIOCOR Series Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps from Almatec® provide significant operational and design advantages that make them the ideal choice for use in pharmaceutical, biotech, and food applications that require the highest level of sterile operation.

Helping Almatec BIOCOR Series pumps meet strict sanitary requirements is a special design of the fluid path with an integrated cleaning system that enables clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) capability. The BIOCOR design is also one that features no horizontal areas where product can get trapped. This design results in a pump that is EHEDG certified and conforming to EC1935/204, FDA, USP Class VI, and ATEX regulations.

BIOCOR Series pumps are available in three sizes—B20, B32 and B40—with maximum capacities of 15, 34 and 70 gpm at a maximum discharge pressure of 100 psi. The B20 and B32 sizes are equipped with four ball-lifting magnets that are attached to the pump housing at the location of the four ball valves. This method of construction and operation ensures that the pump is drained completely without having to be dismounted, which enables CIP and SIP capability while eliminating the need for mechanical ball-lifters that would be located in the wetted area.

BIOCOR pumps feature step-less flow control via air pressure and volume without complex mechanical control units, which prevents overpressure while ensuring maximized output and efficiency. The material for the wetted housing parts is electro-polished 316L (Basel Standard II, ferrite content < 1%) stainless steel with a center block of PE conductive, while the diaphragms, ball valves and O-rings are made of PTFE or EPDM. Due to the EHEDG requirements, all BIOCOR Series pumps are equipped with a diaphragm-monitoring sensor in the muffler. This sensor detects all liquids, and in case of a diaphragm rupture, it outputs a corresponding signal to a controller, which then triggers an alarm or disconnects the pump via a connected solenoid valve.

Finally, BIOCOR Series pumps are equipped with the patented PERSWING P® air control system. This metal-free, pneumatically pilot-operated control system ensures accurate reversal of the main piston and is characterized by low noise level. It does not require maintenance, operates without any lubrication and is made up of no more than four different parts.

Leading manufacturers in the industrial-processing world know that meeting sanitary requirements is a pivotal component in the production of a wide number of products. With the challenges that hygienic applications can present, more and more of these manufacturers are doing the wise thing and turning to AODD pump technology from Almatec to help them meet these critical standards and compliance requirements. And when looking for a pump that offers the best in operation, reliability and cleanliness, look no further than the BIOCOR Series AODD Pump.

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