Extreme EDC: What's Yours?

If you search the term "Every Day Carry" (EDC) on Google you’ll get back over one billion hits. That it’s a popular topic isn’t in question. What is constantly questioned is what should be included. I submit to you that the most extreme EDC conditions often prohibit some of the most common items. Guns are quite often not accessible or authorized in some of the most extreme environments because the environments are either politically sensitive, location sensitive or crime sensitive. What I mean is that your assignment may prohibit the carrying of a gun even though the work is very high risk. In such situations, what are the items you MUST still carry or WANT to still carry if you can?

In such assignments the most important function is usually intelligence gathering. To gather accurate intel, above all else, you have to be able to track the place, date and time you either received or saw/heard such intel. Hence, a good quality and rugged watch is the most important item you can have. The second most important item is a communications tool that will survive the environment: a properly protected cell phone or radio. And then there is the list of “it would be nice to have” items which are reviewed farther down.

For the watch, we’ve selected the MASTER of G MUDMASTER GG1000 which is specifically designed for those harsh environments (whether they be political or environmental). Water resistant to 200 meters (that’s 600 feet!), you don’t have to worry about humidity or actually getting it wet. You don’t have to wonder what’s going to happen if you fall in the pool or off the boat. It won’t fail at the depth of five feet like some other watches that are only water resistant to three feet. If you find yourself in 661 feet of water and make the watch fail, it’ll be a surprise to everyone to see you alive again.

The temperatures it is designed to display reliably for ranges from -10 to 60C (14 to 140F). However, that is NOT representative of the temperature extremes it will function in. At least one tester wore his MASTER of G MUDMASTER GG1000 in below zero (F) temperatures daily for over three weeks. It continued to function without flaw.

The mud resistant buttons, using cylinder type guard structures with gaskets for shafts and cylinders, prevent mud and dust from getting into the watch. That is exactly the kind of design feature that makes this watch ideal for the extreme EDC list. It doesn’t matter if you’re going into the desert, glacier or tropical ocean… the MASTER of G MUDMASTER GG1000 is ready.

For the phone, most often you don’t get to choose. You get issued whatever your command structure deems acceptable and all you can do is protect it with an Otterbox case or something similar. But what is that other list of tools?

  • A good quality folding lockblade knife. A knife like the recently released Buck Knives 722 Blue Line Spitfire offers you a way of expressing your values (as a member of or backing the Thin Blue Line family) as well as providing you a good utility tool. Such a knife will take the demands of the harsh environments, but make sure you clean and lube it when you get back to “normal.”
  • A multi-tool can prove invaluable. For no other reason than the mass variety of utility uses a single multi-tool can serve and that you never know you need until the need arises. There are many good quality multi-tools from companies like Leatherman, SOG Knives and Gerber (to name a few).
  • If, for whatever reason, you can’t carry one or either of those because of weapon restrictions, consider a high quality tactical pen. Yes, a pen that will right but will also stand up to high abuse and can be used as a weapon if need be. MilTac has been making a standard looking, functional tactical pen for years and test samples have taken everything thrown at them without fail.
  • A flashlight is mandatory; yes, even if you don’t go out at night. One lesson learned working day shift as a police officer is that you can easily find yourself in the dark even though it’s broad daylight out. A compact, handheld, bright flashlight is a god-send under such circumstances. The Streamlight ProTac and PolyTac lines of lights are perfect for this demand.
  • A lighter. Yes, a lighter. It may seem silly to some but a wise man once said, “Never leave your house without a gun, a knife and a lighter.” The means to start a fire for survival purposes – or to light your cigar after a great plan has come together – is always a good thing to have.

Is there something we’ve forgotten that you think should be included?