Mitigating the Threats of Handling Dangerous Chemicals with the Proper Pumping Technology

Crucial pieces of equipment utilized during the manufacture and handling of dangerous chemicals are the pumps that either introduce raw materials into the production process or transfer end products for packaging, storage or shipping to end users. Therefore, it is imperative that the pumping technology that is chosen to facilitate the production, handling and transfer of these dangerous substances is capable of doing it safely and reliably.

Mechanically sealed pumps are commonly used in dangerous-chemical production and handling, but seal-less pump technologies can often be the more effective choice when full containment of dangerous and high-value chemicals is an absolute must. More specifically, positive displacement (PD) seal-less eccentric disc pump technology provides less risk of chemical leaks and spills, and more efficiency than other pumps. The advantages of using eccentric disc pumps are numerous:

  • Design – Eccentric disc pumps consist of a stationary cylinder and mobile disc. The disc is moved by an eccentric shaft housed inside a bellows end, which holds the disc. As the eccentric shaft is rotated, the disc forms chambers within the cylinder, increasing at the suction port and decreasing at the discharge port. During operation, the discharge pressure exerts itself against the eccentric disc, preventing it from slipping. The low slip between the disc and cylinder gives eccentric disc pumps their ability to strip lines of product, which is a key advantage over many other pump styles. 
  • Strong Suction – When transferring any type of dangerous chemical, it’s important to have a pump capable of clearing lines, which makes loading and unloading activities much safer and cleaner as hoses and pipes are emptied prior to hose disconnection at the end of the transfer. Eccentric disc pumps also feature superior suction at low speeds, ensuring that a minimum amount of product is left in the piping prior to proceeding with any maintenance.
  • Low Shear – While they may be dangerous, many chemicals are also shear-sensitive, meaning that that must be handled in the gentlest manner. Because of their method of operation, eccentric disc pumps produce inherently low shear rates, which protects the handled product, as well as the pump itself.
  • Wear Compensation – Most PD pumps available do not have wear-compensation systems, which means normal pump wear will lead to progressive flow-rate loss. Operators can try to compensate for wear by accelerating the pump, but that will begin a dangerous cycle of running the pump faster, which in turn, results in the pump wearing faster, as well as consuming larger and larger amounts of energy. Eccentric disc pumps are able to self-compensate for mechanical wear, giving the pumps the ability to maintain consistent flow rates over time without the need for speed increases.

Mouvex®, Auxerre, France, a product brand of PSG®, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, USA, a Dover company, has taken pump performance when handling dangerous chemicals to the next level with its new G-FLO Series Seal-Less Eccentric Disc Pumps. Like all Mouvex eccentric disc pumps, the G-FLO models have been designed to provide premium performance and the ultimate in product containment and safety in chemical-processing applications, with high suction and discharge pressures that allow them to self-prime and fully strip lines after production runs.

But what truly sets the G-FLO pumps apart from the competition is their ability to achieve incredibly high flow rates for high-volume transfer operations. Specifically, the largest G-FLO model (the 65-S) has a maximum flow rate of 65 m3/hr, or 286 gpm (1,080 L/min), when operating at pressures between 7 and 10 bar (101 and 145 psi) at temperatures up to 212ºF (100ºC).

G-FLO pumps also feature a unique seal-less design that revolves around a triple stainless-steel bellows that ensures durability, safety and leak-free product containment. The pumps can run dry for five minutes, while the self-compensating eccentric disc operating principle ensures consistent flow rates over a longer period of time, even when operating at low speeds.

G-FLO pumps, which can be base-mounted, feature all-stainless-steel construction with O-rings in FKM (Viton), encapsulated FEP or EPDM. The pumps have been approved for use in dangerous or hazardous operating atmospheres by ATEX and TA Luft.

About Mouvex®

Mouvex, Auxerre, France, is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, screw compressors and hydraulic coolers for use in the refined-fuels, oilfield, energy, food/sanitary, military, transport and chemical-process industries.

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