The Delight Of Delivering Dilatant Isocyanates

Why eccentric disc pumps are leading the way in safe dilatant isocyanate transfer

Isocyanates, which are classified as dilatants, are a family of highly reactive, low molecular weight chemicals that have been featured in a wide range of industrial manufacturing and processing applications since the 1950s. The benefits (and need) of isocyanates as a component in the manufacture of many important products is unquestioned. Also unquestioned is the fact that isocyanates can be extremely dangerous for the user, surrounding populations and the environment if they are not handled properly and with great care throughout their entire production and supply chain.

Prolonged exposure to, or even simple contact with, isocyanates can result in many adverse health effects. Among them are acute “isocyanate asthma” attacks that can include coughing, tightness of the chest and shortness of breath; skin irritation that can lead to rash, itching, hives and swelling; irritation to the mucous membranes, eyes, nose and throat; gastrointestinal irritation; and pneumonitis, or swelling of the lung walls.

To safely, reliably and efficiently handle dilatants and isocyanates, operators must choose the correct pumping solution for this application, one that handles product gently (low shearing), has strong suction capability and offers a low-maintenance wear-compensation design. Various technologies can be used to transfer dilatants and isocyanates, but the safest, most reliable and most efficient pumping solution that meets all of the above criteria is the eccentric disc pump.

Eccentric Disc Advantages

Eccentric disc technology provides less risk and more efficiency than other pumps. The advantages of using eccentric disc pumps are numerous:

  • Design: Isocyanates are toxic by nature so they require seal-less pumps to eliminate leaks and provide maximum product containment. Eccentric disc pumps have no magnetic couplings, packing or mechanical seals, which eliminates a potential leak point that can lead to failure.
  • Strong Suction: When transferring any hazardous or hard-to-handle liquid, it’s important to have a pump capable of clearing lines. Since isocyanates are a highly toxic pollutant, it makes loading and unloading much safer and cleaner as hoses and pipes are emptied prior to disconnection at the end of the transfer process. Eccentric disc pumps also feature superior suction at low speeds, ensuring that a minimum amount of product is left in the piping at the end of product runs.
  • Low Shear: When dilatants materials such as isocyanates are subjected to high shear and agitation, their viscosity tends to rise. When this happens, the end result is often pump failure and resulting maintenance, repair, replacement and downtime. Experiencing excessive shear is a problem that cannot happen with eccentric disc pumps due to their low shear rate.
  • Wear Compensation: The unique design of eccentric disc pumps allows them to self-compensate for mechanical wear, giving the pumps the ability to maintain consistent flow rates over time. Eccentric disc pumps have a built-in wear-compensation system that keeps them running like new despite wear and without the need for speed increases.

When speaking specifically about eccentric disc pumps, Mouvex® offers three pumps series that are ideally suited for dilatant and isocyanate transfer: the SLC Series, C Series and G-FLO Series Eccentric Disc Pumps. These models require no magnets, mechanical seals or packing, and are ATEX-rated and TA Luft-certified to handle the most dangerous properties in the most explosive manufacturing environments. These pumps are self-priming, have line-stripping capabilities, can run dry for up to five minutes, produce low shear rates, and can create high vacuum and compression effects. They also have a reduced number of components, which leads to reduced maintenance. SLC models are available in stainless steel, while C Series pumps are available in ductile iron. All are suitable for handling any type of dilatant and isocyanate liquid.


In today’s manufacturing environments, dilatant isocyanates are among the most important compounds within the production process. Many short- and long-term risks are involved with handling them. Therefore, operators need the peace-of-mind that only eccentric disc pumps can deliver. Eccentric disc pumps are low-maintenance and deliver the superior wear compensation, strong suction and low shear that is mandatory when handling these unique materials. In that realm, Mouvex is leading the way in safe dilatant isocyanate transfer with its SLC Series, C Series and G-FLO Series Eccentric Disc Pumps.

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