Remote Monitoring – Key information at your fingertips

Keep an eye on virtually any part of your operation that previously required your presence on site or in the control room.

SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring App.
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Smart Monitoring Apps

The ability now exists to make both process measurements, and to remotely monitor the activity and health of instrumentation, whether you have a SCADA, PLC or DCS system, or not. Remote monitoring is available today and can work with any analog or digital process measurement device, regardless of manufacturer. However, it can best be utilized by today’s smart instrumentation whether it's flow, level, pressure, temperature, and weight measurement. Along with a broad range of process measurements you can also get monitoring of the health and performance of those products. 

In conjunction with a cloud platform information can then be uploaded and used to provide you with real time monitoring of multiple assets, from locations wherever you have process measurement instrumentation installed. Here you can retrieve real time data from those sites for the user group defined by you, at whatever interval you require. In addition, you can receive alarms, alerts and notifications without delay, and extract information into useable data formats for analysis or archival purposes. And all of this can be sent directly to your PC, tablet or phone. 

Choose from a broad range of communications infrastructure options to suit your needs.

You will want the flexibility offered by an industrial wireless communications link between field instrumentation data and the cloud. Look for mobile wireless routers that enable secure data transfer to the cloud, even in the most remote locations and come with options for multiple cellular communications standards including LTE, UMTS, and GSM. This extended offering ensures the best signal for data transfer and the most reliable network for installations. No matter the size of the network, you need a scalable and secure industrial communications technology that is capable of delivering the solid foundation required for safe and efficient process monitoring.  You may also look for a supplier’s ability to design a system specific to your requirements.

Make sure your partner in this adheres to the highest security standards in network security, and all communications solutions are encrypted with firewall protection to defend against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Safety and Security

Safety and security cannot be stressed too strongly when it comes to your process. When an app is read only, with information coming from the cloud it assures the protection of a secure transfer of information. In addition, make sure your cloud platform has been implemented in accordance with IEC 62443 for plant and network security as well as system integrity at the plant management and field level and in addition, access control and communication security. 

Let’s look at examples of how you can specifically utilize the Siemens SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring App in your process environment.

Tank Monitoring

One of the key applications for remote monitoring is in tank farms. This can be done by measuring key variables on site, using instrumentation installed already or by your monitoring app provider. Instrumentation measuring tank level, pressure and temperature can be accessed so you can confirm that you have all the necessary information about your installation.

By using a secure cloud platform, you can transfer your critical information and track this information. In the case of SITRANS store IQ app, it can be tracked on the phones, tablets or PC of designated users. Tracking the status of facilities, confirming current conditions on site, and coordinating delivery and retrieval of material from tank farms are just a few of the benefits of using remote tank monitoring systems.  In addition, make sure that by providing your tank dimensions you can convert the level measured to a volume or mass measurement of the contents. This should be doable either in the upfront design or by the designated customer administrators after the app has been rolled out. Make sure you get this flexibility.

Water Monitoring

Take critical information from remote locations and have it placed it at your fingertips. For applications associated with water or wastewater treatment and distribution, be sure that your Smart Monitoring App can provide similar information geared towards the requirements of the water/wastewater market. Whether its truck loading or unloading, lift station activity, water tank levels or tracking the distribution of water through a water network, take critical information from remote locations and have it placed it at your fingertips. From here you can not only monitor the throughput in your facilities but also track the health of both your measurement and control instrumentation and your distribution network as a whole, with real time information. In an installation at a municipality in the City of Decatur, Georgia, the user of a Siemens SITRANS store IQ App was tracking flow and level. During a storm the information was disconnected between the instrumentation and chart recorders used to meet EPA requirements. Because the instrumentation itself continued to function, the critical tracking was maintained by the transfer of data through the cloud to the Siemens SITRANS store IQ app, and the information required by the environmental was not interrupted. This unseen initial benefit has led that customer to expand its use of the remote monitoring capabilities of the App.

Make Sure App User Groups Are Defined By You 

The size of your user group, how your information is transferred to the cloud and how often your information is updated is should be designed by you. In addition, make sure your app has customer-based administrator(s). Your provider should customize to your requirements in order to provide the best solution for your monitoring needs and budget. Whether you have one user or 100 or more, and if you need your information updated once a day or every minute, get a subscription plan and app tailored to provide you the visibility you need for your operation. And make sure your administrators have the ability to further customize your app to visualize your processes the way you want to see them, collect data as a backup to your in process resources, and monitor the diagnostics offered by todays smart instrumentation. In addition, make sure you can alert users, as designated by you, in case an instrument requires attention. These notifications should be done by color coding of the readings on the app as well as by delivering alerts to users via SMS text messaging and/or email.

Keep an eye on virtually any part of your operation that previously required your presence on site or in the control room. Whether you have Siemens instrumentation or not. Whether your outputs are digital or analog. Whether or not you have a PLC, DCS or SCADA system, or none at all. And the SITRANS store IQ Remote Monitoring App can take critical information from your process instrumentation and put it in the hands of the people who need to see it.

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